Why quit smoking?

Print out this page and check off items that are true for you or check out examples below. When you are ready to quit, the checked items can be a reminder of two things:
  • What you’ll need to prepare for when you quit.
  • Why you wanted to quit in the first place.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Why I want to quit

  • I would save money.
  • I would not smell like a stale cigarette.
  • I would not have to look for a place to smoke all the time.
  • My health would be better.
  • I don't like feeling addicted.
  • My family would stop nagging me to quit.
  • Food would taste better.
  • I would fit in better socially.
  • I would feel better about my future.
  • I would set a good example for my family and friends.

Things I like about smoking

  • It relaxes me.
  • It helps me deal with stress.
  • It gives me something to do.
  • I like how it feels to inhale.
  • It's always there for me.
  • It curbs my appetite.

My worries about quitting

  • How will I fill my free time?
  • How will I relax without a morning smoke?
  • I'm afraid I'll gain too much weight.
  • What will I do when I am driving my car?
  • How will I relax after dinner?
  • How will I cope with my emotions?
  • I am afraid I won't stay quit.
  • I won’t fit in with my family or friends.
  • I'll be lonely.

Things I don't like about smoking

  • The fear of getting cancer.
  • The taste in my mouth.
  • Frequent colds.
  • The expense.
  • My dependence on it
  • Difficulty quitting