Think positive

Negative thinking can lower your confidence and get in your way.
You should be on guard and AVOID these common types of negative thinking:
  • Memories of smoking

    Don't get stuck longing for the "good old days" of smoking. Instead, think about what you are going to gain: more energy, easier breathing, more money in your pocket, not smelling like a dirty ashtray...
  • Crisis situations

    Smoking won't help you deal with a crisis or feel better. There are healthier ways to cope with times of crisis.
  • Self-doubt

    You're most likely to think that you "just can't do it" when you're tired or under stress. Focus on all that you're doing right. It's normal to think you'll feel better if you smoke, but you're likely to feel worse.
  • An "I'll just have one." test

    Don't trick yourself into thinking, "If I'm really off cigarettes, I should be able to smoke just one." If you're really off cigarettes (and you are), you have nothing to prove.
  • Thinking of smoking as a cure for withdrawal reactions or weight gain.

    Watch out for thoughts like these: "I'm moody without cigarettes; maybe I'm better off smoking." Remember, having to get unhooked from nicotine caused this reaction to begin with! Look to the future and don't give in!

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts will empower you and help you to be successful.
  • I can do this.
  • This craving will only last a few minutes. I know how to distract myself until it goes away.
  • I will not smoke today.
  • I am tobacco-free!
  • Whenever I need help, I can contact RPCS.