Planning to Quit

Are you planning to quit soon? It may help to take a little time to get ready before you actually go for it. Put together your own toolbox to help you prepare to quit for good!


  • A desire to quit
  • A visit to your doctor for support and advice with your quit plan
  • Your list of reasons why you want to quit
  • A calendar to mark your quit date
  • A list of family and friends who will support you
  • Solutions for triggers that could lead you back to smoking
  • A plan for getting rid of ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes
  • An exercise plan (with doctor approval)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Strategies for managing stress
  • A list of 'replacements' and other things to do instead of smoke
  • Access to resources to help you manage cravings (medications)
  • Lessons learned from prior quit attempts
  • A money jar - to collect all your savings from not buying tobacco