Menthol cigarettes...not so cool

Research has already demonstrated the harmful effects of menthol cigarettes and how they are more than just an added flavoring. Menthol cigarettes produce higher carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream which can increase the absorption of nicotine, make deep inhalation easier to tolerate and result in greater addiction (Jarvik ME, et. al., 1994). Fortunately the FDA is now recognizing the appeal of the mint flavoring that makes it easier to start smoking and harder to quit (New York Times, 2013).

Are menthol cigarettes safer?

  • There is no menthol in tobacco plants.
  • Menthol is added to cigarettes to make the smoke feel less harsh. But the smoke is still dangerous.

Smokers of menthol cigarettes tend to hold the smoke in their lungs longer.

  • Holding the smoke longer allows more poisons to be absorbed.
  • The cooler feel of menthol masks the cheaper tobaccos that cigarette manufacturers often use in menthol brands. There is nothing refreshing or natural about menthol. Menthol is an additive put in cigarettes to make smokers believe that the cigarette is less dangerous. This is a lie.

Don't be fooled by the hype:

While menthol may feel cool on the throat, it is simply hiding the harsh poisons in the smoke.