FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About:

Weight worries, will I gain weight?

About 2/3 of quitters will gain some weight, usually 10 pounds or less.

Low Calorie Tips: Choose sweet treats with less than 100 calories, such as a cup of strawberries, a peach, a frozen fruit pop, 1/4-cup raisins, 1/2-cup cottage cheese, or low fat yogurt. Find out more.

What are triggers?

We pair smoking with the things that we do. We get used to lighting up while driving or after meals. It's time to keep track of your triggers so you can be ready for them when you quit. Find out more.

Why is tobacco use addicting?

The answer is nicotine. There are both strong psychological needs for the nicotine and psychological needs that contribute to the addiction. It is a vicious cycle - each puff delivers nicotine to your brain in seconds and fools your brain into feeling good. Soon levels drop off and you get the urge to smoke again. Psychologically, nicotine is used to adjust moods and cope with feelings - making it a strong mental habit to break.

What is withdrawal?

When quitting - withdrawal symptoms are your body's way of recovering from nicotine. They are signs that the body is repairing itself and is returning to a healthy state. Examples are coughing, irritability, cravings, restlessness and anxiety. Most are temporary and will get better in a couple of weeks.